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Brake Service Lake In The Hills

Brake Inspections, Brake Repair and Brake Pad Replacement service

Brake Service Details

Stay Safe on the Road With Our Brake Repairs

Brakes are your first line of safety on the road. That’s why Discount Muffler, Brake & Automotive provides Lake In The Hills residents with dependable and affordable brake repair and replacement services. Our ASE-certified technicians can perform most repairs the same day you bring your vehicle to us.

Our Brake Services Include:

Auto Repair Coupon

Pads Drums Rotors

Rotor resurfacing

New brake installations

Calipers and cylinders

ABS systems

Parking brakes

Hydraulic systems

Signs your Lake In The Hills vehicle needs brake repair

The longer you wait to rectify your braking issues, the more costly the repairs usually are. Any reputable shop will recommend that you have your brakes inspected annually or as soon as you notice any of the following conditions –

• Does your brake warning light come on when you are driving?
• You hear a grinding or squealing sound when braking
• Your rims and wheels begin appearing dirtier than usual
• You feel a pulsation or sponginess in your brake pedal
• Your vehicle start to shake or pulse when your braking?

Why regularly scheduled brake service is essential: In one word: Safety! In order to effectively stop your vehicle, your automotive brakes should always be in operating order and not worn down to the rotors. We highly recommend having your brakes inspected at least twice a year. An easy way to do this is to, just ask us to run an inspection next time you are in for an oil change! Considering that this is a system that you use daily, it is highly important that you make sure not to ignore any sort of issues. Remember, the longer you wait to rectify your braking issues, the more costly the repairs usually are. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for automotive news and promotions. 

More Automotive Services Available Near Lake In The Hills

In addition to performing brake service for all makes and models of vehicles we also offer the following automotive services at our 3 locations.

Oil Change & Maintenance

Same day oil changes and general automotive maintenance.

Steering & Suspension

Shocks and struts, Ball joints, Springs, Chassis repair, Tie rods

Engine & Transmission

Engine or transmission light come on? We can help. 

Exhaust Systems

Our technicians can install custom exhaust systems, new mufflers, pipes, and catalytic converters.

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