Signs Your Car Needs a Tune-Up

auto repair shop Carpentersville ilThe intervals you need to bring your car in for a tune-up varies with the age, current mileage, etc. Older cars usually need a tune-up more often than any newer models. If you are unsure if your vehicle needs to be brought into our auto repair shop in Carpentersville, IL, please read some of these signs!

The Engine Runs Rough

If you feel like your engine is running rough when you’re idling or when you accelerate, this is usually an indication you need a tune-up.

It’s Hard to Start Your Car

If your car is taking longer to start or it is hard to start, this indicates there might be a problem in the starting system. Some of these issues can be a weak battery, a weak fuel pump in the fuel system, troubles in the ignition, or a broken electronic component.

Your Car is Stalling

Another sign your car needs a tune-up is if your car is stalling a lot. This could mean the spark plugs are worn out, a part in the spark plug needs to be adjusted or replace, or your electronic sensing device needs adjustment.

To schedule an appointment for a tune-up, please contact any of the following numbers and locations:

Carpentersville- (847) 428-8000

Crystal Lake- (815) 356-7109

Palatine- (847) 991-3660