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What’s That Sound? – Typical Noises Troubled Cars Make

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Your car is going to make some noises but there are some noises that you should definitely take note of.

Metallic Screeching

If there is a screeching sound when you use your breaks, you most likely are dealing with worn out pads. If this is the case, it is important you come to our auto repair shop in Carpentersville, IL, to get a professional brake job. The reason is because if you leave it, you might be causing your pads to completely wear down. This would destroy your brakes and end up being an even more expensive repair.

Hissing Sounds

If there are hissing sounds coming from your car, this could indicate a leak in either the cooling system or vacuum line. A leak in the cooling system could result in your engine overheating, while a leak in the vacuum line could affect the drivability of your car.

Shrieking Noises

If your engine is emitting a shrieking sound, this might mean the serpentine belt in your car is getting old or it does not have the right amount of pressure on it. As a result, the belt is slipping and causing the sound. Either way, it is important to talk to one of our qualified professionals to identify the issue.

Noisy Wheels

If the wheels of your car are making noise, you might be having an issue with the constant velocity or CV joints. They are an important part of making your car run and the noise could indicate a bad universal joint.

If you are experiencing any of these problems with your car, please schedule an appointment with our professional mechanics by dialing any of the following numbers:

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  • Palatine- (847) 991-3660

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist for Spring

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While spring cleaning might apply to houses, it also helps to do a spring maintenance check on your vehicle. After the winter weather, it is always a good idea to have your car looked at to make sure everything is working at it should. For some tips on what your maintenance checklist should be, please read on!

Windshield Wipers

This is one of the parts on your car that is most affected by the cold weather. The icy temperatures of winter can cause the rubber blades to lose their effectiveness. They can also start to tear from overexposure to ice, salt, and snow. If your wipers are not cleaning as well as they should, you should definitely just switch them out. This is especially important because you will want to plan for the rainy spring weather.


Your tires are another thing you should get checked out as the weather gets warmer. The ice and snow on the roads can take a toll on the rubber of your tires by wearing them down, forming small holes, or make them lose traction. Monitoring the tread on your tires is another important thing you should do regularly. The change in temperature can cause your tires to change to lose pressure very easily. As a result, you will want to top off the air in your tires and have them rotated at our auto repair shop in Palatine, IL, and surrounding areas.

Check Fluid Levels

This is also a great time to get your oil changed and other fluid levels topped off. If your engine needs more coolant, our experts can help fill you up and check the condition of your engine. You might also want to check on your car’s air conditioner. If it is not blasting out cold air, you may need more refrigerant.

To schedule a maintenance visit, please select one of our following locations:

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